Few Essential Security Tips for your Windows Phone


Windows Phone have many inbuilt security features but sometimes we need to take some extra precautions to tighten our smartphone security. We don’t know when our smartphone will go in unsafe hands and our security and privacy will get compromised.

And if security of our smartphone will be breached, we all know how big trouble it can cause. So, extra precautions are necessary because our phone is like our mind and heart together, it knows more about us than anyone else and being a smartphone user, all of our accounts are also linked and synced with it.

Whether you are an Android user, an iPhone user or having a Windows Phone, you need to link email accounts, social networking accounts and many other accounts with your phone. Though linking of accounts with phone is not necessary but it’s not an option if you want to make your phone work like a smartphone.

Windows Phone Security

Our phone have hundreds of contact, memorable pictures, always treasured messages or even our always-to-be-kept-reserved official mails, all are as much important to us as our own survival and if you’ll lose your phone or install an unauthorized app which steals your data in background than you’ll be in big mess.

So, in such conditions, here are few ways that shows how we can assure maximum security for our Windows Phone

Note: Though these tips apply on all smartphones but some features and functions may work with Windows Phone only.

Careful Installation of Apps

Installing of apps is necessary for a smartphone in the same way as water required for swimming. When we use apps for simpler to complex functions in smartphones, it is strongly recommended to use and install apps from the trustworthy sources or official App Market. Here are some resources for secure and trusted download of apps:

Windows Phone user must download apps from Windows Phone Marketplace only, Android phone user download app from Google Play or official app stores which comes pre install in your phone and iPhone users go for iTunes store only.

Using these trustworthy sources for app download will not only reduce the risk factor of losing data or any other valuable information but also provide to you, many app options which you might miss from other sites.

Here is the list of some security apps available in Windows Phone Marketplace.

Protect your Windows Phone with Password options

For most of the smartphones, you may find the password set up option in Settings->Security->password.

Using a password to start the phone and functioning is considered the easiest and most convenient way to secure the phone from being operated by anyone else but you.

For Blackberry smart phones, users have the option for password set under Device Manager Option.

You can use certain apps which makes password protection more powerful, there is an app for Android called as ES Security Manager which lets you add password to your SMS, Dialer, Contacts, so that others can’t go through them.

Windows Phone marketplace is continuously growing and we can hope to see some useful apps like ES Security Manager very soon.

Keep Location Tracking and Anti-theft Services Active

Almost every smartphone brand has specially designed apps to secure your phone if it is lost or stolen under any circumstances.

Make sure you are a user of those apps. Detection of phone-location via GPS is one mostly used app in Android phones while Use of Find My Phone feature under My Phone section is the widely used service in Windows smartphones.

In Windows Phone you can track your lost phone, erase data remotely or you can even lock the phone by logging on to Windows Phone website with the help of your registered Windows Live ID account.

Take Back Up of your data in Time to Time

It’s always considered as a good habit to take back up of your phone data in your PC or to your cloud service account in timely manner. I will suggest you to keep auto sync service on, so that every time when you will connect your phone to your PC, the updated content will get synced automatically.

Install All Important Updates From Time to Time

Just like the way we do to secure our Computers, it is better that we install all important updates for our smart phones on time for making it better every time to stay updated with technical changes and advancements.

With enormous increase in use and acceptability of smartphones in the market, we really need to stay alert with the technical enhancements and the threats too, to use our smartphones in best required manner.

Always enable notify when new update will be available notification on your Windows Phone and install the updates as soon as possible for you.

These are the few security measures which will help you to play safe even if you lose your phone or it will be damaged due to any disaster.

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