Use your Eye balls movement to control Mouse Pointer in Windows 8


As expected, the time has come when we will get one or the other Windows 8 updates rapidly. Trust me friends after getting this update, I completely agree that Windows 8 is a concept that goes beyond our imagination and will surely bring a sphere of evolution in the technology.

The update involves a controller developed for Microsoft, a new-fangled feature that lets you to use your eye ball for controlling the mouse pointer as the Windows 8 is a touch based operating system. The feature is very easy to use, as to control your cursor movements you will make use of your eye balls and to substitute for a mouse-click you just need to blink and you are done.

Eye Gaze interface for Windows 8

Windows 8 features a Metro-Style UI, in which on the start screen multiple Live tiles are present instead of the icons and since they are optimized for touch control, you just need to tap and go. But as it is said that there is always room for perfection, the Tobii Technology has claimed that now a user’s hands can get away, and brought a better solution to control the cursor movements with eyes.

Tobii Gaze Interface for Windows 8

The company’s Gaze utilizes a webcam-style add-on that plugs into the PC through a USB port. It uses an amalgamation of eye control and touch pad to empower all the touch commands of Windows 8 – activate, select, zoom, scroll and the like.

The feature uses an eye tracking technology for pointing, while the touch pad is used for giving commands and fine-tuning when necessary. Users can scroll through an email by ‘swiping’ their look upwards, click by blinking and double-click by staring.

“Pointing at something by looking at it is intuitive, natural and immediate. Using a mouse to do the same thing is less so, as it involves an intermediate step of moving a mouse-pointer around,” says Henrik Eskilsson, CEO and co-founder of Tobii.

“Gaze is as natural and intuitive as touch, as precise as the mouse and more ergonomic and effortless than both. Once you have experienced Gaze, a laptop without it feels just as ancient as a laptop without a touch pad.”

I’m glad to know that the company has planned to show off the innovative technology at CES next week.

Check Tobii Gaze for Windows 8 in action