HTC, Samsung and Nokia will unveil New Windows Phone at CES 2012

Cometh the new year and cometh the time for another CES. The expectation for the CES is always high but this time the expectation is even higher. The reason for the high expectation is pretty obvious there are three high end Windows Phone are going to come to light this time; the Nokia Lumia 900, HTC Radiant, and Samsung Mendel.  Let’s try to find out what the three phones are all about on the basis of rumors that are surrounding them before the CES event release.

Nokia Lumia 900

First the Nokia Lumia 900, it is the next version of the Nokia Lumia 800. In the looks it is quite similar to the Lumia 800 but has a bigger size than the 800 as it sports a 4.3 inch screen. If we talk about the hardware specs of the phone it has got a 1.4 GHz processor which is seconded by a 512 MB RAM. The Nokia Lumia 900 will have a strong battery of 1830mAh. It will also sport a 8MP rear camera and the expectations are that unlike the Lumia 800 it will also sport a front   camera too. The weight of the phone will be 116 grams. And the Nokia Lumia 900 will run on Windows Phone 7.

HTC Radiant

HTC Radiant

Now, the HTC Radiant which will also sport a Windows Phone 7.5 OS and as far as the hardware specs are concerned the HTC Radiant is going to sport a 1.5 GHz processor that will be well complimented by a 512 MB RAM.  The HTC Radiant will sport a bigger screen than the Nokia Lumia 900 but the resolution will not necessarily be better than the 900. The HTC Radiant, will in all the specs, be similar to the Nokia Lumia 900. The HTC Radiant will be quite some spectacle to watch at the CES this year. Though two HTC Windows Phones are already available in the market, but it will be great to see some more HTC Windows Phones at the CES event.

Samsung Mendel

The third Windows phone that will be showcased at the CES this year will be Samsung Mendel which also be running the Windows Phone 7.5 OS. In the hardware segment it will be quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy SII. The handset will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset (probably a dual core). The screen of the handset will be a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED HD one. In the camera section the handset will sport a 8Mp rear and 2 MP front camera as the Galaxy SII does. But the most fascinating thing will be to see that the handset comes with a dual core CPU or not and becom the first handset to do that.

Picture Courtesy: PocketNow



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