How to Reset and Auto Refresh Windows 8 PC


Refreshing or resetting your Windows 8 PC becomes necessary if your PC hangs up or becomes unstable. When your PC becomes frequently unstable or you just lost your way, you don’t have to format the whole PC and reinstall Windows 8 again. Refreshing and resetting your PC eradicates problems such as erratic behavior of the computer. In this article, we are going to give some steps which you need to follow to refresh or reset your windows 8 PC.

Before you reset your PC it is very mandatory that you check whether your PC really requires a refresh or a reset. Refresh or reset is only recommended when your PC does not respond at all or when it is showing unexpected problems.

Reset utility in Windows 8 resets all the changes which you might have made to the system and tends to start afresh. In the end the original manufacturing settings are restored. This will thus remove all the third party resources and their applications which have installed in the computer.

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How to enable Auto Refresh in Windows 8

1. Firstly open PC settings and then open up charms bar by using the Windows +C hotkey combination. Click on Settings -> more PC settings.

2. The button for refreshing the PC will be present beneath the Language control in the general window. This particular utility is supposed to check the working of system files, Windows Registry, and other important system components. Only after checking the working, it will commence its work of clean up.

You will require clicking on ‘Get started’ beneath ‘Refresh your PC’. Click on next to proceed further into the process.

3. In the beginning it will start preparing for a complete refresh. After Windows 8 has been restarted a boot screen with refresh progress will be visible. After the process ends, you will be directed back to windows start screen. Over there all the widgets and other windows default widgets can be found. Now you will have to restore the applications for which you created a backup. ‘Refresh’ utility will not ask you to enter the Windows Activation Key.

How to Reset Windows 8 PC

The restore utility works similar to that of the Windows Restore Disk on the earlier version of windows just like Windows Vista and 7. But this utility allows an automated way of performing the Reset. If you are planning to sell off your Windows 8 PC without leaving behind any traces of personal information in the PC then this is the best utility for you. The Windows 8 Reset ensures that all your personal data along with all the applications installed by you. After the reset has been done, it will restore all the settings to default.

1. Click on Reset Your PC -> Get started.

2. Click on ‘Next’ to proceed further into the process.

3. If you’re PC has more than one drive you will be given two options:

  • Remove only the drive where windows is installed.
  • Remove all drives.

Click on any option according to your needs.

4. Next step is to specify the type of cleanup operation that you would require:

  • Thorough Cleanup – Deletes all the installed applications such that all the data becomes irrecoverable.
  • Quick Cleanup — This option would only delete your files and installed applications.

5. Just like Windows 8 utility, your system will be rebooted and all the settings will revert to default. After your system has been rebooted, the utility will be preparing your PC for system reset. You will be shown the system reset progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

After the system has been reset, it will be rebooted in order to update your system to Windows 8 registry settings.

6. After your system has been reset, the process will require you to enter the product Key. After you have done that, click on ‘Next’.

7. Click on ‘Accept’ when you will be asked to confirm the affirmation of the terms and conditions. Now you will see your Windows 8 getting loaded and the personalization window will open up for you. You will need to follow the on-screen instructions and enter all the details required. After you have finished doing all of that, Windows 8 will prepare a new fresh desktop for you.

These utilities have definitely made reset and refreshing a brand new experience for the users. This would mainly attribute to their ease of usage and operation. The options Reset and Refresh can also be accessed from the troubleshoot menu by clicking on the Start-up menu. Several options like Advance system repair, System Restore etc are also present.

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  1. I have installed Windows 8 a few days ago, unfortunately I forgot the login password. I can’t find a way to reset or refresh Windows 8.
    It’s great if there is an option at the login screen so we can reset or refresh Windows 8 without logging in.

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